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Program of Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone IV

This was the final program of the conference.

Monday Oct 22 Tuesday Oct 23 Wednesday Oct 24 Thursday Oct 25
8:00 Registration/Opening ((mp3))
9:00 Ashtekar, Abhay

Quantum Extensions of Classically Singular Space-times  (pdf) - ((mp3))

Maldacena, Juan M.

Anti-de-Sitter and field theory scattering amplitudes (ppt) - ((mp3))

Nicolai, Hermann

E10 and K(E10): re-inventing M theory?   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Bojowald, Martin

The dynamics of loop quantum gravity and its effective descriptions   (pdf) - ((mp3))

9:50 Coffee Break
10:20 Freidel, Laurent

Spin Foam models of 4d gravity  (pdf) - ((mp3))

Berenstein, David

Emergent geometry: the wave function of the universe in the AdS/CFT context   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Rivelles, Víctor

The S-matrix of the Faddeev-Reshetikhin Model   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Porto, Rafael

Riding with the King in a Relational Universe   (pdf) - ((mp3))

11:10 Mattingly, David

Current status of quantum gravity phenomenology   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Spradlin, Marcus

AdS/CFT and Multiloop Gluon Amplitudes   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Bañados, Máximo

Eddington Action, Dark Matter and Dark Energy   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Zanelli, Jorge

Chern-Simons Gravity and the Universe as a Topological Defect   (ppt) - ((mp3))

12:00 Lunch Closure - QGSC-IV ((mp3))
14:00 Alfaro, Jorge

Quantum Gravity and Maximum Attainable Velocities in the Standard Model   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Cuervo, William

Connection Formulation of Classical Closed Inhomogeneous Cosmologies   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Miskovic, Olivera

Regularization of Lovelock Gravity   (pdf) - ((mp3))

14:20 Urrutia, Luis

Lorentz Violating Electrodynamics Revisited   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Guendelman, Eduardo

Child Universe Production and its Impact on Quantum Gravity - ((mp3))

Rodrigues, Davi

Anisotropic Cosmological Constant and the CMB Quadrupole Anomaly  (pdf) - ((mp3))

14:40 Reisenberger, Michael

Canonical gravity with free null initial data  (pdf) - ((mp3))

Toppan, Francesco

CS AdS5 Supergravity in a RS Background - ((mp3))

Vergara, Jose David

Noncommutative Spaces, the Quantum of Time, and Lorentz Symmetry  (pdf) - ((mp3))

15:00 Parisi, María Florencia

Light Propagation on Quantum Curved Spacetime and Back reaction Effects  (pdf) - ((mp3))

Taveras, Victor

Quantum Extension of Spacetime: CGHS Model and the Information Problem   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Girotti, Horacio

On noncommutative quantum mechanics - ((mp3))

15:30 Coffee Break + Posters
16:00 Petrov, Albert

Lorentz Violation in the Linearized Gravity   (ps) - ((mp3))

Anabalón, Andrés

The Universe as a Topological Defect - ((mp3))

Garat, Alcides

Tetrads in Geometrodynamics - ((mp3))

16:20 Reyes, Carlos

Lorentz and CP Invariance in Higher-derivative Theories and Loop Quantum Gravity   (pdf) - ((mp3))

Posters Posters
16:40 Posters
17:00 Pullin, Jorge

Gambini Fest   (ppt) - ((mp3))

21:00   Banquet