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Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone, Punta del Este (URUGUAY), 22-25 October, 2007

This is the fourth installment of a meeting that has by now become traditional, bringing together researchers from Latin America and the rest of the world. The first QGSC meeting was held in Punta del Este in 1996, followed by meetings in Bariloche, Argentina in 1998 and in Valdivia, Chile in 2002.
These meetings were the origin of a Latin American Network on Quantum Gravity.
Concurrent with the meeting we will also have the US-Latin American Network workshop on quantum gravity funded by the US National Science Foundation.

The participation to the meeting is open to anyone, but participants must register. A list of invited participants is already available. If you plan to participate please register and indicate if you would like to give an oral presentation or to present a poster. The deadline for registration is 1st August, 2007. The program is now online.

  • Loop quantum gravity
  • String theory
  • AdS/CFT correspondence
  • Nonperturbative quantization methods
  • Supergravity
International Organizing Committe

Rodolfo Gambini (UdelaR, Uruguay),
Jorge Pullin (LSU, USA),
Carmen Nuñez (UBA, Argentina),
Victor O. Rivelles (USP, Brazil),
Jorge Zanelli (CECS, Chile).

Invited participants

Abhay Ashtekar (PennState),
David Berenstein (UC Santa Barbara),
Martin Bojowald (PennState),
Laurent Freidel (Perimeter Institute),
Juan Maldacena (IAS Princeton),
David Mattingly (UC Davis),
Hermann Nicolai (Albert Einstein Institute),
Rafael Porto (Carnegie Mellon),
Marcus Spradlin (Brown),